15.4 Understanding the Imaging Role

The Imaging role installs the Imaging services and adds the Imaging role to the device. With this role, the device can be used as an Imaging server to perform all Imaging operations, such as taking an image and applying an image within or across subnets by using unicast or multicast imaging.

The Imaging role can be used to achieve load balancing for the Primary Server, and also to support cross-subnet imaging. The Satellite uses ZENworks Control Center to communicate with the Primary Server for Imaging operations in the Auto mode.

On the managed device, the Imaging module is inactive until you promote the managed device to be a Satellite with the Imaging role or until the Imaging role is added to an existing Satellite. This activates the Imaging services on the device, and enables you to perform the Imaging operations in auto and maintenance mode. The Imaging services installed on the device include TFTP, Preboot policy, pbserv, and proxy DHCP. All services, except for proxy DHCP, are automatically started. You can manually start or stop the proxy DHCP service from ZENworks Control Center.