6.0 Managing Authentication Server Connections for User Sources

The Authentication Servers panel on a user source’s details page lets you edit authentication server connections, including adding, removing or reordering connections.

The Authentication Servers panel displays information about the user source’s ZENworks Primary Servers and Satellite devices that have been configured with the Authentication role. You can also edit the user source settings for each device.

When users logged in to previous versions of ZENworks, they were authenticated to the Management Zone by contacting the ZENworks Primary Server, which in turn contacted the user source that contains the users.

Satellite devices with the Authentication role can now speed the authentication process by spreading the workload among various devices and by performing authentication locally to managed devices. You can have multiple Satellite devices with the Authentication role. In addition, each Satellite with the Authentication role can have multiple user sources configured and each Satellite can have multiple connections to each user source to provide failover.

On the managed device, the Authentication module is inactive until you promote the managed device to be a Satellite with the Authentication role or until the Authentication role is added to an existing Satellite.

The following sections contain more information:

NOTE:This section is applicable only for Active Directory and eDirectory user sources.