3.5 Limitations

Following are some of the limitations of using Azure Active Directory as your user source in ZENworks:

  • Mobile EUP login for Azure Users is not supported.

  • The terminal server login using Azure AD credentials is not supported.

  • Logging into ZCC as Administrators using Azure AD credentials is not supported.

  • An MDM role is required to configure the application, once the application is configured even if the MDM Server (not a Primary server) is down or deleted, Azure sync might work fine.

  • When the Microsoft login prompt is closed, the sign-in option is displayed only after the next ZENworks agent refresh.

  • In the Microsoft login prompt, when a wrong account is selected, the error window is displayed only once, on selecting the wrong account, the prompt will exit. This is applicable only during the current session.

  • The audit name displays UPN for Azure users and not login in name as seen in ZAPP.

  • After installing the ZENworks agent, after Windows log out and log in only the ZENworks prompt is displayed.