5.1 Prerequisites for ZENworks Reporting Migration from 7.8.x to 8.1.1

Ensure that you perform the following in ZENworks Reporting 7.8.x before migrating to ZENworks Reporting 8.1.1:

  1. Download the ZRS_811_Prerequisite.zip file from the following location:


  2. In ZENworks Reporting Appliance, click Terminal & File Explorer and run the following command:

    mkdir /tmp/ZRS_811_Prerequisite

    This command create a /tmp/ZRS_811_Prerequisite directory.

  3. Copy the ZRS_811_Prerequisite.zip file into the /tmp.

  4. Extract the contents of the file by running the following command:

    unzip /tmp/ZRS_811_Prerequisite.zip -d /tmp/ZRS_811_Prerequisite

  5. Run the following command to provide the Execute permissions:

    chmod -R +x /tmp/ZRS_811_Prerequisite

  6. Run the following command to change the directory:

    cd /tmp/ZRS_811_Prerequisite

  7. Run the following command to apply the patch:


  8. Restart Jetty and the datamodel services by running the following commands:

    • rcvabase-jetty restart

    • rcvabase-datamodel restart

  9. Continue with the next tasks specified in Backing up the ZENworks Reporting 7.2 or 7.8.x Data.