1.0 Overview

Service Desk is available as a virtual Appliance that can be deployed to a supported virtual infrastructure. Service Desk Appliance is built on a customized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), and comes pre-installed with Service Desk and thus helps save on operating system license costs.

After deployment, Service Desk can be configured by using an easy to use web based Console. Also, the same console can be used to maintain Service Desk Appliance and perform basic tasks such as executing commands, starting and stopping services, viewing logs, uploading, and downloading files.

You can also tweak basic server settings and monitor the server performance. With the new Service Desk Appliance, it is significantly easier to move to a new major version of Service Desk.

Appliance supports root and sdadmin users who have access to the following privileges:

  • Appliance Configuration

    • Ganglia Configuration

    • Ganglia Monitoring

    • Network (root only)

    • Time (root only)

    • Digital Certificates (root only)

    • Storage (root only)

    • System Services

    • Firewall (root only)

    • Administrative Passwords

    • Online Update

    • Shutting Down and Restarting Service Desk Appliance

  • Service Desk Appliance

    • Terminal and File Explorer

    • Logs

    • Service Desk Configuration

    • Classic ZENworks Service Desk (Technician Portal)

    • New ZENworks Service Desk (Customer Portal)

    • Online Update

    • Shutting Down and Restarting Service Desk Appliance