7.2 Migrating the Service Desk Appliance

Service Desk Appliance will be migrated by bringing the new appliance. The Service Desk configuration and data is transferred to the new appliance which then becomes your production environment.

To migrate the Service Desk Appliance:

  1. Deploy the Service Desk 7.5 Appliance on a Hypervisor. For information, see Section 3.0, Appliance Deployment.

  2. On the Service Desk Appliance home page, in the Service Desk Appliance section, click Migration.

  3. On the Migrate Appliance (Service Desk v7.3 and v7.4) page, specify the following information:

    • IP Address: The IP address of your existing Appliance Server.

    • Root Password: The root password for Service Desk Appliance.

    IMPORTANT:If you are using an embedded database, ensure that the Database Server Host is set to

  4. Click Migrate to complete the migration process.

    Depending on the data size, the migration time varies.

    The migration status message is displayed in Appliance home page.

    IMPORTANT:Ensure that you do not perform any configuration changes during migration.

  5. If migration is successful, power off the existing Appliance Server.

  6. Connect to Service Desk Appliance 7.5 through a browser.

  7. Connect to the database:

    1. Go to the Appliance Home page, click Service Desk.

      Service Desk opens in a new browser tab.

    2. Click Edit, and then Advanced.

    3. Click Upgrade to complete the process.

      A confirmation message is displayed after upgrade is completed.