7.3 Post Migrate

After you migrate to Service Desk 7.5 Appliance, ensure that you perform the following:

  • Restore the Custom Banners at /opt/novell/servicedesk/server/webapps/LiveTime/images/banners/custom in the Service Desk 7.5 Appliance.

  • If you have made any changes in the Tomcat server such as the web.xml and server.xml files, then update the changes.

    • If you have configured SSL, then reconfigure the SSL settings.

      To configure SSL, go to the Appliance Configuration and click Digital Certificates.

  • If any memory configuration is modified in the catalina.sh file, update the same changes in the "/etc/init.d/servicedesk.server" file. Modifications to the catalina.sh file is no longer required.

  • Reconfigure the network or DNS settings.

    To configure network settings, go to the Appliance Configuration and click Network.