1.63 User

The User tab is used to create, modify and view accounts for:

Users within the service management system can have one of the following Roles:

and one or more of:

If a User is assigned multiple Roles, the User Roles of Supervisor or Technician, Finance and Manager are consolidated within one User view. Therefore, if a User is assigned Finance, Manager and Supervisor/Technician access, they can view all functionality related to these Roles within the User view. If the User is also assigned Admin and Customer access, next to their login name, the options of Setup and Customer will be displayed. See Changing Roles.

The Supervisor can create User accounts within the User >Users tab.

The system Administrator can synchronize the system with a Directory Server to import Customer and User details. Imported Users can only be modified through the appropriate server console, not via the application. For further details about this topic refer to the Authorization section within the Administrator Guide.

Alternatively, the Administrator can also import Customers via a .CSV file.