ZENworks Explorer Configuration

The ZENworks Explorer Configuration panel lets you configure common settings for ZENworks Explorer component of the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.

You can define the settings at three levels:

NOTE:If you are configuring the settings on a device folder or a device, you need to click Override settings before you can select any of the settings.

Click the following headings for information about each setting:

Unassigned Bundles

Select whether or not you want a bundle to be uninstalled after it is no longer assigned to a device or the device’s user.

If you choose to uninstall the bundle, select the number of days to wait before uninstalling the application. Specify 0 if you want the application to be uninstalled as soon as it is no longer assigned to the device or user.

Default Folder

The default folder can be renamed to meet the needs of your organization. Click Edit to change the folder name.

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