3.1 Predeployment Tasks

Before you begin to deploy ZENworks Appliance, perform the following tasks:

  1. Make sure that the virtual machine to which you want to deploy ZENworks Appliance fulfills the basic requirements listed in Section 2.0, System Requirements.

  2. Create a new virtual machine with the preinstalled ZENworks Appliance by importing the ZENworks Appliance image.

    The ZENworks Appliance image is stored in an open virtualization archive format and you can import it to the VMware infrastructure by using the VMware VSphere Client application.

    The ZENworks Appliance image is bundled with all the three editions (Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise) of ZENworks 11. From the ZENworks 11 Download Web site, you can directly download the OVA file, or download the multi-part ZENworks Appliance ZIP files and create the OVA file.

    To import the ZENworks Appliance image to a virtual infrastructure:

    1. Start the VMware VSphere Client application.

    2. Click File > Deploy OVF Template to launch the Deploy OVF Template Wizard.

    3. On the Source page, select one of the following options, then click Next.

      • Select from file to browse for and select the .ova file that contains the ZENworks Appliance image.

      • Deploy from URL to download the.ova file from the Web server.

    4. Follow the prompts to complete the deployment of the .ova file.

    5. After the deployment is complete, click Done.

  3. (Optional) Take a snapshot of the virtual machine that you created in Step 2.

  4. Power on the virtual machine on which you imported the ZENworks Appliance image.

    The Configuration Wizard is launched automatically.

    Configuration Wizard > Language page
  5. Continue with Section 3.2, Configuring ZENworks Appliance.