E.5 Assigning the Bundles and Scheduling the Upgrades

HINT:If you have a large-scale deployment, remember that you can set separate bundle deployment and installation schedules.

Assign the SLES10-SP4-Pool bundle to the OES 2 SP3 servers and select a distribution schedule:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Bundles.

  2. Click SLES10-SP4-Pool.

  3. In the left column, select SLES10-SP4-Pool-bundle.

  4. Click Action > Assign to Device.

  5. In the Select Objects window, click the arrow next to Servers.

  6. From the list of servers, select the servers that you want to assign the bundle to.

  7. Click OK > Next.

  8. Select the distribution schedule and click Next.

  9. Select the distribution type.

  10. Click Next > Finish.

    IMPORTANT:The servers you have selected in the preceding steps are now prepared for the OES 2 SP3 (SLES 10 SP4) upgrade. The actual upgrade operations occur automatically as scheduled and as servers are rebooted.

    After installing SLES10-SP4-Pool-bundle, install SLES10-SP4-Updates-bundle to list the appropriate SP version by SPident.