A.5 Workstations

Configuration Management currently supports only the migration of Windows 2000 Support Pack 4, Windows XP SP2 workstations, and Windows XP SP3 workstations. Workstation Groups can also be migrated. The following workstation object attributes are migrated:

Table A-3 Workstation Features Migrated to Configuration Management




The workstation's name.


The Domain Name Service (DNS) name of the workstation.


The operating system of the workstation.


The owner of the workstation. This is migrated only if an authoritative user source has been defined that points to the same tree that the workstation is being migrated from.


Usually the IP address of the workstation.


The unique ID of the workstation.


The network card MAC Address.


Subnet mask that is a matching pair to the IP address.

Launcher Configuration settings are migrated with policies. Application associations are migrated with associations. Group Memberships are migrated with workstation groups. All other workstation attributes are not migrated because there are no similar attributes in Configuration Management.

If you plan to migrate associations to containers that contain Workstation objects, you should migrate the container in the Workstation task. This is the only migration task that preserves the Unique ID of the container so that the associations to the container are preserved. For user associations, this is not an issue because the Unique ID is always the same as in the old ZENworks system because Configuration Management relies on User Sources to point to the same User object.