C.1 Installing the Novell File Upload Extension

The Novell File Upload extension must be installed on the device before you can browse for file paths and upload files.

C.1.1 On Mozilla Firefox

Perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Install the Novell File Upload extension link.

    Depending on your Web browser’s security settings, you might receive a message indicating that your browser has prevented installation of the Novell File Upload extension.

    You receive the following message at the top of your browser window:

    Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer.

    Figure C-1 Firefox Message

  2. Click Allow.

  3. Click the Install the Novell File Upload extension link again.

  4. Click Install Now, then restart your Web browser.

C.1.2 On Microsoft Internet Explorer

When a Web page refers to an ActiveX control that is not currently on the workstation, users are asked whether or not they want the ActiveX control to be downloaded. This prompt is displayed in the information bar. The information bar displays in between the Internet Explorer toolbars and the Web page when a notification is present, and disappears on the next navigation.

Figure C-2 Internet Explorer Message

Internet Explorer Message

Displaying the information bar is enabled by default; however, the user can change the default setting so that the information bar does not display. Additionally, the ActiveX controls are installed automatically, without the information bar being displayed, if the publisher of the control (such as Novell) has been previously marked by the user as trusted.

If you are running Internet Explorer (assuming that you are using the default settings and have not marked Novell as trusted), the following message displays in the information bar:

To help protect your security, Internet Explorer stopped this site from installing an ActiveX control on your computer. Click here for options.

  1. Click the information bar, then click Install ActiveX Control.

  2. If you are prompted that Internet Explorer needs to resend information that you have previously submitted, click Retry.

  3. Click OK to install the Novell File Upload extension.

You do not need to restart Internet Explorer.

On Windows 2008 R2

To install the Novell ZENworks File Upload Plug-in on a Windows 2008 R2 device by using Internet Explorer 9, you need to disable the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) settings from the Server Manager.

  1. Click Start > Administrative Tools, then select Server Manager.

  2. Click Server Manager, then click the plus sign to expand the Server Manager tree view structure.

  3. On the right, click the Configure IE ESC link in the Security Information section. The Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration window appears.

  4. Select the Off radio button to disable the IE ESC settings for the Administrators group and the User group.

  5. Press OK, then close the Server Manager when you have finished configuring the IE ESC.