C.0 Novell File Upload Extension

The software included with a bundle is uploaded to the ZENworks Server repository. This enables the ZENworks Server and ZENworks Adaptive Agent to distribute the software without requiring access to any other network locations. If the Novell File Upload extension is not installed on this device, it must be installed before you can browse for file paths and upload files.

After installing the Novell File Upload extension, you do not need to perform this procedure again on this device, assuming you use the same Web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, for example) to upload files. However, an update to the Novell File Upload extensions in the subsequent release requires you to reinstall them on the device. For more information on reinstalling the Novell File Upload extension, see Section C.3, Reinstalling the Novell File Upload Extension.


  • You can use Mozilla Firefox browser to install Novell File Upload extension on a Linux device, but certain Windows-specific feature such as extracting icons from Windows executables will not function on the device.

  • You cannot use a 64-bit version of Internet Explorer browser to install Novell File Upload extension on a device.

The following sections contain browser-specific information: