C.2 Uninstalling the Novell File Upload Extension

To uninstall the Novell File Upload Extension, perform the following steps:

On Internet Explorer:

  1. Close all instances of the Internet Explorer browser.

  2. Start a new instance of the browser.

  3. Click Tools > Internet Options > General.

  4. In the Browsing History panel, click Settings.

  5. In the Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window, click View Objects.

  6. In the Downloaded Program Files window, right-click NFileUpload Class, then click Remove.

On Firefox:

  1. Click Tools > Add-ons.

  2. In the Add-ons window, click Novell ZENworks File Upload Extension 11.x.x, then click Uninstall.

  3. Close the Firefox* browser.

  4. Locate the Firefox_Install_directory/plugins directory and delete the npzenworks.dll and nsINZENScriptablePlugin.xpt files from the directory.

  5. Restart Firefox.