3.0 Locations

The ZENworks 11 Adaptive Agent is location aware. This means that the agent can compare its current network environment against locations you defined. If the network environment matches one of the defined locations, the agent assigns that location to the device. If the network environment does not match a defined location, the agent assigns the Unknown location to the device.

The Endpoint Security Agent inherits the location assignment from the Adaptive Agent. This enables the Endpoint Security Agent to enforce different security policies at different locations. For example, you might choose to enforce different firewall settings for a stationary device located within your corporate office than for a mobile device that moves among less secure, unknown locations.

Most security policies can be designated as either location-based policies or global policies. A location-based policy is applied only if the device’s location matches one of the locations identified in the policy. A global policy is applied regardless of the device’s location.

Global or Location-based Policies

Global-only Policies

Application Control

Data Encryption

Communication Hardware

Security Settings


Location Assignment

Storage Device Control

VPN Enforcement

USB Connectivity