10.2 Assigning Policies to Test Devices

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Policies to display the Policies page.

  2. Click the policy you want to assign to test devices.

  3. Make sure the policy you want to test has a Sandbox version. If it does not, create a Sandbox version by editing an item on the Details page (you can change an item and then change it back) and clicking Apply.

  4. Assign the policy to test devices:

    1. Click the Relationships tab.

    2. In the Device Assignments panel, click Add, browse for and select the test devices, then click OK.

    3. Select Device Only as the policy conflict resolution, then click Next.

    4. Select Enforce policies immediately on all assigned devices, then click Finish.

  5. Go to a test device and verify that the policy has been applied and is being enforced as expected.

    In addition to performing actions on the device that allow you to observe whether or not the policy is being enforced correctly, you can view the effective policies for the device. This is helpful if multiple policies of the same type are assigned to the device; in this case, the policies are merged into one effective policy that is then enforced. For information about viewing a device’s effective policies, see Section 12.0, Viewing Effective Policies.