K.0 Documentation Updates

This section summarizes the significant changes made to the Preboot Services and Imaging Reference since the initial release of ZENworks 11 SP3.

December 2014: System Update (11.3.2) for ZENworks 11 SP3



Editing the Menu for UEFI

Added information about editing the Preboot Services menu for UEFI.

Section 3.9, Editing Imaging Work

Under step 5, included an update about inherited and direct assignments when using the Apply Assigned Imaging Bundle option.

Manually Taking an Image of a Device

Added information about the mount command that must be used with the Tuxera driver to mount the partition on which the image is stored if the partition is NTFS.

Section D.4, Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx)

Added an important note at the end of the section about the SLES network setup method.

July 2014: System Update (11.3.1) for ZENworks 11 SP3



Section 1.4.2, Novell Preboot Services Menu

Added a note explaining that on a device that has UEFI firmware and an USB keyboard attached to the device, you cannot use the CTRL+ALT function key to launch the PXE menu.

Section 2.3.3, Creating USB Drives for Imaging

Added a note explaining that if you create a USB drive with a second NTSF partition, the second partition can be accessed only on Linux. Windows does not recognized more than one partition on a USB drive.

May 2014: Update (FTF Roll Up 1) for ZENworks 11 SP3



Taking a Base Image of a Device

Updated the procedure.