2.2 Prerequisites

  • Migration is only supported from ZENworks 11 SP2 or later.

  • While configuring Machine X, the same port must be used for HTTP and HTTPS in both Machine A and Machine X. If the ports are busy, release them before starting the installation.

  • Machine X must have an operating system that is supported by both ZENworks 11 SP2 and ZENworks 11 SP3.

  • The source and the destination machine must have the same ZENworks version. Use the ZENworks 11.2.0 media to create Machine X and use the System Update media to update it. For instructions, see the ZENworks 11 SP3 System Updates Reference.

  • ZENworks supports migration between machines that have the same operating system. For example, migration of a Primary Server from a Windows server to a Linux server is not supported. Likewise, migration from one Linux operating system to another is not supported (for example, RHEL to SLES). Server Migration tool does not support migration from or to ZENworks Virtual Appliance. The following table shows the supported migration combinations from Machine A to Machine X:

    Source machine or Machine A

    Destination machine or Machine X

    SLES 32-bit machine

    SLES 64-bit machine

    OES 32-bit machine

    SLES 64-bit machine

    OES 64-bit machine

    SLES 64-bit machine

    Windows 32-bit machine

    Windows 64-bit machine

    RHEL 32-bit machine

    RHEL 64-bit machine

    WARNING:It is recommended not to try migration from 64-bit machines (apart from OES 64-bit machine) to other supported architecture as the behavior is not tested.

  • Machine A and Machine X must be on the same subnet.

  • User Access Control (UAC) must be disabled on Machine A (32-bit Windows server only).

  • The firewall must be disabled on Machine A and Machine X.

  • Before launching ZENworks Primary Server migration on Machine X, check if any services other than ZENworks is running. If yes, then ensure to migrate them to other servers before migration begins.

  • (Recommended) In case multiple servers in the zone have unsupported architecture, migrate the additional Primary Servers before the first Primary Server. Ensure that the first Primary Server is the last server to be migrated.

HINT:If Machine A has an OEM Sybase database, then migrate the OEM Sybase database to Machine X, manually.