3.1 Update Prerequisites

  • All the Primary Servers should be updated before you update the agents and the Satellite Servers in the zone. To ensure the proper functioning of ZENworks, it is recommended that all Primary Servers are updated in as short a time as possible - ideally, immediately after the first Primary Server is updated.

    Once the first Primary Server is updated, all the additional Primary Servers can be updated in parallel.

    NOTE:If a dedicated system update server is configured in the zone, this server should be the first to be updated.

  • While updating the first Primary Server, stop the ZENworks Monitor, ZENworks Server, and the ZENworks Loader services on all other servers. If you do not stop the services, the database might get affected.

    During the update of the additional Primary Servers, ensure that the ZENworks Monitor, ZENworks Server, and ZENworks Loader services continue to remain stopped, and the ZENworks Adaptive Agent service is running on the servers that have not been updated.

    The ZENworks Adaptive Agent service should be running to initiate the update.