1.0 Upgrading the Primary Servers to ZENworks 11 SP4

Using the ZENworks 11 SP4 installation media, you can directly upgrade a Primary Server to ZENworks 11 SP4 if it is using ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.0) or later.

If the upgrade installer reports any of the following issues during the upgrade, follow the recommended procedures to resolve the problem:

  • Unsupported ZENworks version: Upgrade all Primary Servers to ZENworks 11 SP3. Ensure that all Primary Servers in the zone have the same version of ZENworks 11.3.x.

    For more information about upgrading ZENworks, see the ZENworks 11 SP3 Upgrade Guide.

  • Unsupported operating systems: Upgrade the operating systems to a supported version.

    For more information about the discontinued operating systems, see the ZENworks 11 SP4 System Requirements.

IMPORTANT:Do not extract the ISO image and use it to install. The installation must be run from an installation DVD.

The following sections provide information about upgrading to ZENworks 11 SP4: