5.11 Appliance OS Update

Since, SLES 12 SP1 is no longer supported, they will no longer receive any security patches. Hence, ZENworks 2017 Update x Appliance, which is based SLES 12 SP1 should be upgraded to SLES 12 SP3 to get the latest security patches.

The appliance can be upgraded in two phases:

  1. Perform an Online Update and apply the latest security patches. This configures the appliance to upgrade the Appliance OS to SLES 12 SP3. For more information, see Online Update.

    NOTE:If you are unable to apply the security patches, then refer to TID 7023186.

  2. After configuring the appliance, use Product Upgrade to upgrade the OS. The existing appliance registration key can be used to register to the channel and receive the latest updates. For more information, see Product Upgrade.