17.3 Issues When Both Installing and Upgrading

If you are upgrading your ZENworks for Servers 3.x servers and also have new servers where ZENworks for Servers has not yet been installed, you must do the following to prevent interoperability problems:

  1. Do each of the following in any order:

    • Install ZENworks 7 Server Management to any new Distributor servers

    • Upgrade all ZENworks for Servers 3.x Distributor servers to ZENworks 7

    Installing the new Distributors first might be easier.

  2. Do each of the following in any order:

    • Upgrade the existing ZENworks for Servers 3.x Subscribers to version 7

    • Install ZENworks 7 Server Management to the new Subscriber servers

    It doesn’t matter whether Subscriber servers are installed or upgraded first. However, to complete upgrading servers where Novell ConsoleOne® is installed on a server, you must use the installation program (the upgrade program does not update the ConsoleOne snap-ins). Therefore, you could upgrade first, then update the ConsoleOne snap-ins on those existing 3.x servers while installing to the new Subscriber servers.

These two steps ensure that all Distributors and Subscribers are interoperable.