9.0 Endpoint Security Client 4.0 Installation

The Novell® ZENworks® Endpoint Security Client 4.0 is a client release to support Microsoft Windows Vista with Support Pack 1 running in 32-bit mode. The Endpoint Security Client 4.0 uses the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 3.5 Server and Management Console. You can now manage Windows XP with the 3.5 client and Windows Vista with the 4.0 client.

The following pages outline the installation process for both Basic and MSI installation.

Basic Installation installs the Endpoint Security Client 4.0 only on the current machine.

MSI Installation launches the installer in Administrative mode (/a) and creates an MSI package of the software. This package can then be pushed down or otherwise made available at a specified network location with the required user inputs preconfigured. This allows individual users to install the software with predefined server values.