2.3 Installing the Device Scanner Application

The Device Scanner application provides a graphical user interface that enables you to scan, view, modify, and save device data.

We recommend the following approach to installing the Device Scanner:

You must use the Device Scanner installation program (setup.exe) to install the Device Scanner application to each computer where you want to run the application. You cannot install the Device Scanner application to one computer and then copy it to another; the application does not run if you do so.

To install the Device Scanner application:

  1. Distribute the installation program (setup.exe) to the target computer.

    For example, use the installation media at the computer or copy the installation program to the computer’s local drive.

  2. Double-click setup.exe to launch the installation program.

  3. Select the language version to install.

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

The Device Scanner executable (ZESScan.exe) and support files are installed to the following directory:

c:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\ZES Device Scanner

A Device Scanner shortcut is added to the Start menu in the following location:

Start > Programs > Novell > ZENworks > ZES Device Scanner

For information about using the Device Scanner application to scan devices, see Section 3.0, Scanning Devices.

For information about working with device data after you’ve scanned devices, see Section 4.0, Modifying Device Data.