4.4 Adding a New Device

The Device List provides a row that you can use to manually add a new device. The row, which is distinguished by an asterisk (*) in the first column, is always the last row in the Device List.

To add a device:

  1. Select the list (USB Devices or Removable Drives) where you want to add the device.

  2. In the new row (located at the bottom of the Device List), select a cell where you want to add a value, then click the cell to enter Edit mode.

    In Edit mode, you can select or specify a value. In addition, you can right-click to access options such as Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste.

  3. If the cell provides a list, select a value from the list.


    If the cell does not have a selection list or the list does not contain the desired value, specify the value.

    For cells that include a selection list, if you decide to specify a new value, you must specify the value in the correct hexadecimal format. For example, if you specify a Vendor ID, you must use a four-character hexadecimal value. If you specify a Device Class, you must use a two-character hexadecimal value. You can refer to the other values in the list to see the correct format. If you use the incorrect format, you receive an error message that explains the correct format.

    For descriptions of each of the cells, see Section A.0, Field Descriptions.

  4. Click another cell or press the Tab key to save the change.

  5. Continue until you have added all desired data for the device.

    The Device Scanner does not require you to enter data in all fields. However, you should provide enough data to allow the device to be accurately identified.