5.1 Saving Data to a Scan File

After you perform a scan, you must save the data to a scan file before exiting the Device Scanner, or the data is lost. Likewise, when you modify a file, the changes are not saved until you save the file.

The Device Scanner supports a variety of save options. You can save the entire Device List, the USB Devices list only, the Removable Drives list only, or selected data. If you modify data in an existing file, you can save it to the same file or to a new file.

To save data:

  1. If you want to save selected data only, select the data.

    You can select an entire row, an entire column, or a single cell. Ctrl+click and Shift+click to select multiple rows, columns, and cells.

  2. Select the appropriate Save option:

    • File > Save (or ): Use this option to save the entire Device List.

      If a previously saved scan file is open, any modifications are saved to the existing file; skip the remaining steps. If a scan file is not open, the Save File As dialog box opens so that you can save the data to a new file.

    • File > Save As: Use this option to save the current Device List with a new filename. Also, use this option to save only the USB Devices list, Removable Drives list, or selected data. The Save File As dialog box opens so that you can specify the new filename and the data you want to save.

  3. From the Save in list, select the location for the file.

  4. In the File name field, type a name for the file.

  5. In the Save as type field, select ZESM Scan Files (*.xml).

    If your filename does not already include a .xml extension, the extension is automatically added when the file is saved.

  6. In the Save what field, select one of the following options:

    • All: Saves all of the data in the Device List (both USB Devices list and Removable Drives list).

    • USB Devices: Saves only the data located in the USB Devices list.

    • Removable Drives: Saves only the data located in the Removable Drives list.

    • Selection: Saves only the currently selected data.

  7. Click Save.