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Novell Access Manager (Part 2)

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March 5th, 2007

To tell us more about how Novell Access Manager works, Lee Howarth returns to Novell Open Audio…and this time, he brought a lead engineer. Then we briefly cover some listener feedback.
Time: 36:35
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Segment Times

  1. Novell Access Manager: 6:53 – 30:42
  2. Listener Feedback: 30:42 – 35:40

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ZENworks & Windows Vista, Listener Feedback

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February 16th, 2007

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 competing for desktop share against Windows Vista, many want to know if ZENworks will be able to manage both. We interview Martin on ZENworks support for Vista and SLED10, as well as what the ZENworks team will be doing at BrainShare 2007. Then we cover some recent listener feedback and questions.
Time: 30:34
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Segment Times

  1. ZENworks: 7:08 – 22:24
  2. Listener Feedback: 22:38 – 29.51

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GroupWise “Bonsai” on the Very Last Novell Open Audio

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December 22nd, 2006

Phil Karren and Gregory Webb fill us in on more details on what the team plans for the next release of GroupWise. Then Ted and Erin sign off for the 2006 season of Novell Open Audio.

We’ll be back with more full episodes of Novell Open Audio in February. Update your podcatcher to use the new feed now in order to get our “winterim bonus episodes.”

Time: 52:36
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Segment Times

  1. GroupWise: 4:13-41:03
  2. Listener Feedback: 41:25-50:36

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Listener Survey Results, News from Support

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October 19th, 2006

Ted and Erin announce the winners and review the results from the Novell Open Audio semi-annual listener feedback survey, and explain how they are using the feedback to adapt the show. Then, the illustrious Randy Goddard and the incorrigible Dave Mair are back for News from Support.

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