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Open Enterprise Server: Listener Questions about Linux

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November 30th, 2006 by

Once again we bring Jason Williams back into the studio, this time to menace him with questions from our listener community. We delve into the differences between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Open Enterprise Server (OES). We also consider the advantages of using the SLES-based version of OES compared to the NetWare-based version. And of course, Dave and Randy are back with “News from Support.”
Time: 57:48
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Segment Times

  1. Open Enterprise Server: 2:20-33:35
  2. News from Support: 34:26-56:30

Links for this Episode:

News from Support Links
These are the links for the 11/30 episode (recorded 11/29):

Funny Little Men Behind the Curtain:

  • Kudos go to South Africa’s Laura Buckley for throwing down the gauntlet that prompted this follow-on interview with Jason. Also, kudos to Jason, who has given over quite a bit of his time to the Novell Open Audio listener community this month.
  • Based on listener feedback, we’re adapting our News from Support segment to supply more cool Linux tips and how-to’s. Please post a comment to let us know what you think.
  • We totally forgot to address the perfectly cromulent listener trivia from our last News from Support segment…and there was a winner, too! We’ll announce in our next edition of News from Support.
  • Will the suggester of Cygwin provide an audio rebuttal to David’s refutation of Cygwin? Could such a rebuttal actually shut Dave up? The suspense is killing us…
  • To what movie did Ted refer to this time? Do you think there’s a NOA shirt attached to that question? Does it require an audio reply to win? So many questions…


Comment by David
2006-12-01 03:06:17

Thanks for the answer to the open source NSS question from last episode. The problem is I went to Novell Forge and did a search for NSS and Novell Storage Services and didn’t find anything. I then went to the letter N and looked through all the projects and didn’t find any reference to Novell Storage Services. Is the project named differently on the Forge? I’m interested in checking out the mechanics behind NSS πŸ™‚

Comment by Jon Strickland
2006-12-01 11:33:57

This was actually Jason’s 4th NOA interview. He and Troy Wilde were on the second NOA episode back in early March.

Comment by Norm O'Neal
2006-12-03 14:44:00

Dude, Jason Williams has been fantastic! We appreciate all of his time. I think it is critical for everyone to understand the benefits of OES Linux. A global understanding of eDirectory and it’s scalability is mission critical to our success as Certified Novell Engineers. Jason has done a GREAT job of informing everyone via Novell Open Audio! Thanks again! I cannot wait to see the new changes in the installation and additions to the overall interface. It’s great to know that Novell wants NSS to be a true Linux file system and that NSS will continue to be strong. What would our friends @ Southwest Allen County Schools do with their 1.5 TB data volume that is cluster enabled….:)
We could write a book on iPrint and the benefits of, I’m glad there is still a strong emphasis there….Thanks for your valuable time.

Norm O’Neal

Comment by Pete Wood
2006-12-11 21:31:50


I’m guessing that Ted was referring to the movie “About a Son” when he said he’d watched a movie the other night in follow-up to his comments about PXE not having anything to do with the Pixies (the ‘melodic yet abrasive’, as Wikipedia puts it, East Coast band).

The movie doesn’t actually have any Pixies music in it, which is unfortunate, but I suppose that licensing issues obtained, or similar.

I just found the openaudio series a week ago, and I do enjoy it. A good combination of information plus geek humour. I was listening to Dave speak about ssh config files and noting his pronunciation of /etc as ‘et-see’. Dave, if you’re looking to start a flame or anecdote war, forget about xming vs. cigwin/x – go for *nix pronunciation arguments – char, chmod, ioctl, vi, scp and, of course, etc. πŸ™‚

Do I get a t-shirt? I understand that they’re almost as rare as the virtual Usenet ‘I corrected Henry Spencer’ t-shirts. πŸ™‚ (now *that’s geek humour).


Comment by Claes
2006-12-14 09:26:40

Anyone found the NSS project on

Warm Regards,

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