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Alert! GroupWise and Changes to Daylight Saving Time

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January 31st, 2007 by

Alert for GroupWise System Administrators: Upcoming changes to Daylight Saving Time can seriously affect your end users’ scheduled appointments in the immediate future. Gregory Webb, marketing manager for Novell GroupWise, brings in product manager Bill Pray and technical support engineer Alex Evans to explain the issue and how to manage it for your organization.
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Comment by Norm O'Neal
2007-01-31 23:30:59

Excellent show and thank you for the Links! They are perfect. This will be an excellent start for User Group Forums and our Help Desk staff. Did I hear that there is a tool to adjust the server side if you are running GroupWise 7.0.1? I’ll listen again tomorrow, it is 12:21 am and my wife is snoring. 🙂

Comment by Norm O'Neal
2007-02-04 13:27:53

Here’s the tool for the server side: TID #3397648 at

Comment by Steve Druck
2007-02-02 01:22:41

Now you are finally feeling our pain. Here in Israel, Daylight Savings Time changes every year. Twice a year we fight the issue of incorrect appointment times. And of course, the people most affected are upper management that control the money and make the decisions.

I had a debate with Alex some time ago on this issue. He staunchly defended scheduling using local workstation settings while I tried to argue for using the settings within the GroupWise system for each time zone to determine the appointment times so that we would not have to go out to every users workstation to make sure that they have the proper settings.

If Novell does not want to use the GroupWise system’s time zones, perhaps another alternative is to incorporate the local machine’s time zone and current daylight settings rules into the appointment. The client could then interpret this properly on the day of the appointment.

2007-02-02 12:04:14

[…] Well, we went into the Novell Open Audio Suite this week and recorded a GW Alert Podcast for everyone – we also linked to a document and sample email that you can use to help relieve some of this pain.  You can use the sample email to explain the issue to your users and include the document to walk them through setting up a search folder to identify the appointments that they may need to resend. […]

Comment by Paul Holtz
2007-02-13 11:13:38

Be aware that the “November 4-10” date range given in the “Sample Communication From IT Administrators to Internal Audience” link is incorrect!

Comment by Simon
2007-02-14 11:20:19

Good show, however I must admit that I spent most of it shouting ‘you shouldn’t use UTC!’ at the MP3 player…..

It seems that, apart from the medelling of George W., that the root of the problem is that the calendaring systems currently codes a meeting invite to a UTC offset at the instant that the meeting is scheduled.

This obviously fails when Daylight Saving is messed with, but also when devices travel across timezones. So the meeting with London should shift, but what about your wake up call or your flight time.

In my mind it would be better to store meeting times as variable pairs ‘Localtime and Timezone’, with a special ‘null’ timezone for meetings that shouldn’t be adjusted. Localtime would be the time at the place of person scheduling the meeting.

Anyhow that’s just me rambling…. I sill enjoy the show[s],

2007-02-26 18:13:24

[…] Previous NOA Alert: “Alert! GroupWise and Changes to Daylight Saving Time“ […]

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