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TBD NetMail and Hula with The Messaging Architects

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February 15th, 2007 by

We aim to find out what’s ahead for NetMail and the Hula project now that The Messaging Architects are picking up the product and the project.
Post your tough questions in the comments section.


Comment by Geoffrey Carman
2007-02-12 14:53:07

What is the future for Used to be it was running the latest stabilized beta code for NetMail. It was the best tool I had seen to demo NIMS, then NetMail. Want to explain what it can do. Go log in to a public machine, and show it off. The stats page, showing 280K users or so and how many connections answers the big questions. Does it scale? Show them and dang straight it does! They can see what a single (now a triplet I guess) of servers can deliver with thousands of connections at any time.

My hope is we will see the latest Hula code (and mostly I want to see the AJAX interface to mail) added to and have it continue as a great showcase of the technology, (Regardless of who owns it!).

Comment by Phil Young
2007-02-12 20:15:35

What is the future of

Comment by Andrew Wafaa
2007-02-16 05:28:50

Why did the announcement take so long to get out? Hula was forked sometime ago by MA and nobody said a thing. Community faith in Hula has dissipated as a result.

Comment by Jerry Weeks
2007-03-06 17:47:59

Are MA going to re-open, I clicked the link to continue my membership, but it isn’t even possible to connect to the front page any more. Please let me know, if RealBox is going to close, thanks!

Comment by App 255
2007-03-11 15:04:58

The myrealbox page was up and running and the link worked a while ago, but around tuesday last week the myrealbox servers went down – I couldn’t get at or .

The next day I checked again and mail.myrealbox was still down, but there was a page up saying novell was aware of the problem, that it was an infrastructure problem on novells side, and that they were working toward a solution, and the page would continue to be updated. In the meantime, m+gaurdian would be catching, filtering and anti-virusizing all mail, which would be delivered when myrealbox came back up. I sent a test message and didn’t get a bounceback, and there were two updates on that page, so I figured everything would be fine.

They’ve since taken that notice down.

On wikipedia there’s a note that they plan on opening up free registration again, so if they do cancel or just skip migrating your account, you should be able to grab it again when it opens up again.

From what the notice said the pages being down aren’t related to the transfer to Messaging Architects.

Comment by Matthew Dudley
2007-03-13 04:53:41

There appears to be a technical problem with the site. This is what is currently being displayed on the front page:

Status update:
This page will be regularily updated as we have new information.

Members of are currently experiencing some interruptions in services due to an identified hardware problem on Novell’s hardware. Novell is working closely with us to resolve the hardware failure issue.


While work is being done on the myrealbox hardware, M+Guardian is still receiving, cleaning, and storing mail that is received. It will deliver the mail to when it is back online.


Messaging Architects has provided new hardware and is currently installing it in Novell’s datacenter.


eDirectory synchronization has been started (usually takes no less than 6hrs to get the replica of the myrealbox tree on a new server) and then data will be migrated over. An overly optimistic ETA would be for the system to be operational by the end of the weekend… but don’t quote me on that… There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel.

This just goes to show that a single point of failure can cause major problems, even if the solution is otherwise reliable. It’s now coming up to 2 weeks and the site is still not back up… I hope this isn’t a reflection of NetMail’s restore capabilities…

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