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TBD: KDE and openSUSE, with Stephan “Coolo” Kulow

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February 15th, 2007 by

Remember that interview we said that we really wanted to do about KDE with Coolo? Well, we’re working on nailing down a date.

Post your tough questions in the comments section.


Comment by Jim Chambers
2007-02-15 15:08:41

So what’s the deal….? I have installed and used just about every SuSe version from 9.0 Professional on a P4 at home. I use NLD / SLED on my laptop, for work stuff. I have always used Gnome on my laptop and KDE on my Desktop. Over time I’ve become more accustomed to and fond of using Gnome and wish that I’d just settle down and be married to it, but having KDE on my desktop keeps me interested enough to keep it there. With openSUSE 10.x, the default WM is now Gnome. It seems like one more nail in the coffin for me on KDE. KDE seems more resource hungry, and inherently slower and over-engineered. (Now the question!) What is the KDE camp doing to keep itself as relevant and competitive against Gnome? What is the new KDE elevator pitch for keping users interested? amaroK seems to have more features than banshee, but banshee seems easier to use. The list goes on….. What can we expect in KDE 4?

Comment by Phil Young
2007-02-23 21:45:09

I have a new Dell PC with: ‘agpgart: Detected an Intel 965G Chipset’ appearing the dmesg. SaX2 thinks it is a VESA chipset. Why? How do I fix it?


Comment by Phil Young
2007-03-01 10:32:24

I forgot to mention that I’m running openSuSE 10.2

Comment by Andrew Mason
2007-03-08 16:13:00

Hey Stephen,
I’m a huge KDE fan, been running it since 3.2 on a variety of distributions. I have a couple of questions. The other day i installed openSuSE 10.2, and it looked fantastic, very polished and the new kicker menu was fantastic.

1) KDE has had a reputation for being slow and very memory heavy in the past. Anyone who has actually used KDE in the KDE 3.4 series and above will realise thats simply not true any more and it’s on par , if not better that some of the other DE’s. What is the KDE team doing to improve performance and memory consumption and how far is there to go before you expect that it is as fast and light as it will ever be ?

2) I run KDE on slackware normally by i tried openSuSE for this upcoming ep. Yast seemed to overlap some of the settings in Kconfig and i found that i had to use Yast for a lot of things. Are there any plans to either get rid of some of the overlapping functionality in Yast or remove it from Kconfig. I as another distro user, i would prefer a lot of the display and printer options to remain / be added to kconfig so that everyone can use them. Thoughts? comments ?

Comment by anon
2007-03-12 01:48:13


I am a ‘’ user from the infancy of the service provision.

For all these years, I have never experienced an interval or a unavailability for maintenance purposes for more than 6 hours.

In addition I have never received an unwanted mail (spam).

During Novel times, ‘’ was a paradigm to be envied.

I simply hope that messaging architects are to follow to the footsteps of excellence of Novell.

Thank you


Just for the sake of the conversation, do note that since 04/03/2007, the servers are down, a total of 8 days and still going.

Comment by Steve Parankewich
2007-03-23 17:39:31

I like KDE a bit better in OpenSuse. Just seems more polished. Actually KDE is a lot faster over NX I find. The Gnome vs KDE debate will always be there, but at least every user has the choice. The new KDE usability changes that are seen in 10.2 are awesome from my perspective.

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