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Feb 20: Design Ease of Use for the Linux Desktop, with Anna Dirks

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February 14th, 2007 by

Fearless leader of the Linux desktop usability lab at Novell, Anna Dirks will tell us about her team’s work on making SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 what many consider the most sleekly designed Linux desktop ever made. And she’ll tell us what the team has been working on for Service Pack 1.

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Comment by Gordon Hilliard
2007-02-16 01:04:03

Is there any chance of a live cd. I have a new laptop, and I was going to dual boot between Windows and a distribution. I have tried various live cd’s and they haven’t loaded.I really like SLED, I use it a work, but am reluctant to go through the hassle of installing and then finding that I need to restore the hard disk.

Comment by James 'bear454' Mason
2007-02-16 15:13:24

When the Gnome ‘Computer’ menu was unveiled for SLED 10, we heard much talk about usability studies and whatnot. When the KDE Kickoff menu appeared in openSUSE 10.2, there was more talk about usability, but with a radically different feature set and behavior. Is there going to be any work done to merge the ‘usability features’ of both menus, and ensure that a user in either KDE or Gnome gets a consistently usable main menu?

Comment by Andreas Nilsson
2007-02-18 06:25:24

What is the process when designing the interfaces for your products? Are you only using studio-testing, or do you also make use of personas, paper prototyping and stuff like that?
Also, do you have some good books to recommend for someone interested in usability/good interface design.

Comment by Jamie
2007-02-19 10:17:37

There is no GUI for OpenSwan. Hence, all client configuration must be done in a text editor. This is not good. Current GUI supports Cisco and Nortel Linux VPN clients but not OpenSwan. ;-( Until standards-based Ipsec VPN is configurable thru a GUI in SLED, SLED is essentially useless to a road warrior.

Comment by Patrick Buller
2007-04-30 13:05:03

I have become a pretty keyboard-centric desktop user. I can manipulate almost all Windows OS windows/menus exclusively from the keyboard. It seems the SUSE desktops do not contain as robust a command set from the keyboard. Do you agree? I suppose it is possible that I am just not as familiar with Gnome/KDE. What plans are there to address this issue?

Comment by Michael Pearson
2007-05-15 09:30:56

KDE and Gnome both have alot of keyboard short cuts here is a cool solutions article showing them
Im looking into the best way to do an episode on this.

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