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February 16th, 2006 by

In our first episode, host Ted Haeger introduces Novell Open Audio. We then take a look at iFolder with Brady Anderson and Calvin Gaisford. Finally, Guy Lunardi provides us an update on Novell Linux Desktop SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

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Comment by thaeger
2006-09-19 14:55:32

Here are some of the comments and ratings from the previous website. The numbers are the rating associated with the comment.

  • 5 Simply tres Cool!
  • 5 A little bit to quick for foreigners I think, but it sounds good for me as a french listener. Hi Guy! I meet you shortly in Paris to the Salon Solutions Linux. I was there and NLD 10 looks very fine, sexy and powerful to me. I think you (Novell) have the right stuff to change the minds about Linux on the desktop and I’m behind Novell to promote this product as far as I can. I’m exciting about NLD 10 and I’m sure the product will be well accepted as an alternative to the today next coming product, I mean “something Vista”. Very nice idea the NOA. I love it.
  • 5 Off to a great start – you earn a 5 as a show of good faith
  • 5 Awesome!
  • 5 Great content! Really good music – who is it? Keep up the great work!
  • 4 Are you going to release the podcast in Ogg format? FunkyPenguin – UK
  • 5 Very informative…Love it! Keep it up
  • 5 This was a very good idea
  • 5 Great show guys keep up the good work
  • 5 This level of communication is wonderful. Please keep it up!
  • 5 Convenience of listening while yet working is great. Would like to see some on eDirectory, Identity Management, Identity Vault, Provisioning, etc.
  • 1 The show is called “Open Audio” yet ironically is available exclusively in a format that is patent-encumbered and thus not “open source”. You should not have any problems distributing in multiple formats, at lest one of them readable by open source
  • 4 I would like to see links to the information discussed on the show. I would like to see an acronym page also.
  • 5 Exceptional ! good to see Novell is making use of this technology. Great questioning to I found all the questions I had being asked by the interviewer really good
  • 3 a little long, but contains some great info.
  • 4 Good audio quality. The interview could be a little more technical. It would also be better to seperate the interviews in different podcasts. More real world examples/suggestions.
  • 5 Very helpful overview of iFolder3
  • 5 gooooood
  • 5 Very nice debut. The show has the potential to provide Linux customers new to Novell a better understanding of its product offerings, but you should also be mindful of your long time customers who need a better understanding of your direction and how the current products (NetWare) they use are going to be affected.
  • 5 Good Information
  • 5 Good start! Keep it up.
  • 4 Ted, Good work. Like to see some bookmarks in the file
  • 5 Keep it up!!! The more the better! -Farren
  • 5 great format. Keep up the good work.
  • 5 keep them coming … nice job
  • 5 Great way to multi-task – I carry tune into the good chat while working on other things. Fantastic, give us more!
  • 4 I liked the ability to pause the show when interupted and being able to repeat ideas that I felt were important.
  • 5 I very much enjoyed the discussion. It was personable and didn’t sound like a canned presentation. I will listen in the future.
  • 5 Nice job Rev!
  • 4 Awesome initiative! Keep it fresh and make sure it doesnt get reduced to just another channel for Novell sales pitches.
  • 5 Keep ’em coming. Great first show – very interesting.
  • 4 Learnt about iFolder 3 features, cool…
  • 5 I am very pleased to be able to get this kind of information, hopefully on a regular basis, from Novell.
  • 5 Fantastic idea! Very well done I look forward to more of these programs!!!
  • 5 Excellent! Keep up the good work.
  • 4 what about offering video podcasts?
  • 5 Grest stuff!! Keep it coming!!
  • 4 Need more tech
  • 5 put some music on the background!!!
  • 3 Is introductory so I don’t expect we are quite at the porpouse of what this show can do.
  • 4 great!!!
  • 4 Pretty good info for the Novell Product
  • 5 Keep the good work…we need more of these…
  • 5 I would like to create the same one in Brazillian portuguese bring to portuguese language customers this wonderfull resource. Congratulations for you guys this was a very good tool to improve Novell concepts into the customers, partners and employees of Novell. Fisrt because have good articles and second because show us how much is usefull the internet and tecnology when we use with some criativite, like iPods
  • 4 Nice guys
  • 5 Great start. Looking forward to future shows.
  • 5 Keep this stuff coming! This is great!
  • 4 light on technical but ok overview.
  • 5 Very informative great important show.
  • 5 Liked the introduce show. Keep it going!
  • 5 Very informative.
  • 1 Sh**house, I downloaded it and it wouldn’t even play! I’m using opensuse 10.0
  • 5 Long time fan of iFolder since it’s inception. We have been on v2.1 atop SLES8 for over 2 years now and our company loves it! I was intrigued over the fact that you stated that 3.x or the “open source” edition is being prepared for the enterprise market. As you would imagine I am VERY interested in this and would like to see a roadmap in the near future…perhaps Brainshare?? 😉 Anyway, great show and keep up the great work! – Paul DeSousa (Boston)
  • 5 Very clear and good questions, just what i wanted to know..
  • 5 Brilliant
  • 5 Guy’s great comments are always enjoyable!
  • 5 Very well received and appreciated. Your guests are insightful. Your host does a very job. Keep it up!
  • 5 excelent on iFolder and NLD Really eye opening on where they are going Great Program Keep em Coming
  • 4 Nice start
  • 5 Cool
  • 3 quite good, intresting to hear about your projects. Try to ask a bit harder questions and ease a bit on the enthusiasm and it won’t sound like a sales pitch
  • 5 These shows are a great idea
  • 5 iFolder rocks!
  • 5 Great show, great guests! very informative. Host helps to clarify technical terms when needed… I love this.. small thing i know but it sure helps when my mind is spinning!
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