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ZENworks Part 1, BrainShare, Open Enterprise Server

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March 6th, 2006 by

Our first listener requests. Martin Buckley, the legendary “Evil ZEN Scientist” tells us about what’s new about ZENworks 7 Linux Management. Then, a BrainShare preview with Mike Morgan and Brandon Bailey. Finally, for all of you who said you want some NetWare, Jason Williams and Troy Wilde give us the update on Open Enterprise Server.

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Comment by Ted Haeger
2006-11-02 18:44:25

Here are some of the comments and ratings from the previous website. The numbers represent the rating associated with the comment.

  • 5 excelleNt!
  • 5 less techie than the first show but interesting non the less. The detail in the OES section was good, Zen less so and the Brainshare was just a marketing exersize. That said, it still fits the bill as a “whats going on …etc” Great Stuff, keep it coming
  • 5 COol5 More cowbell!
  • 5 keep up the great work
  • 4 the more about mono the better Thanks for the show.
  • 4 The Brainshare section was a good booster for Brainshare, but not much useful info for those of us who’ve been there before. The OES segment was quite informative, and makes me wonder what’s in reserve for Brainshare!
  • 1 I can barely stand to listen to this after 20 minutes. It’s been almost constant Novell marketing over actual content, and these people are not interesting speakers…
  • 4 The OES discussion was too focused on file sharing and Xen for a product with much more features than that. As a smaller business I am more interested in Branch Office, Virtual Office, backup solutions, and eDirectory.
  • 5 Thanks for the choice in download
  • 4 pretty good, made my drive to hoboken, nj fast
  • 4 – The start of the show was so cool! – Loads of good ZEN information
  • 5 Awsome. Glad you are doing this. Let’s up the bar to Video Pod casting. Thanks
  • 5 Excellent idea. More on IDM please 🙂
  • 5 great detail of what is going on.
  • 5 GREAT… Ted is perfect. Watch out David Letterman a new man is on the block.
  • 1 Mindless spouting of Novell marketing – it’s buzzing in my ears, not catching my attention, doesn’t connect me with the community.
  • 2 Still marketing rather than teaching
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