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The Academic Buying Programs not only lower your software ownership costs but also help you spend less time on software acquisition and more time focusing on your business, education. The buying programs include simple contract rules and program offerings designed to meet your software-buying needs. If you are new to the Buying Programs, the information below can help you determine which purchase option is best for you. Qualified Academic customers have several options for buying software licenses. To find out if you are eligible to purchase academic offerings, review the qualification requirements here.

Subscription or Perpetual Licenses

Subscription Licenses (ALA/SLA)

If you like the flexibility of paying for product usage on an annual basis, rather than buying licenses outright, we have the perfect solution for you. Under the Academic License Agreement (ALA) or the School License Agreement (SLA) programs you simply choose the products you need and pay a low annual fee based on enrollment or workstation count. Now you have the right to use those products across your entire academic institution. Both programs give you the freedom to count and pay once each year. Primary education institutions (grades K-12) sign the School License Agreement (SLA). Higher education institutions (colleges and universities) sign the Academic License Agreement (ALA).

Perpetual Licenses (VLA for Education)

If you prefer to own product licenses, you may take advantage of the VLA for Education program, which is identical to the standard VLA Program, but gives academic customers access to higher discounts from our resellers. With no initial purchase requirement, the VLA is an easy way to receive special volume discounts on our products. This purchase option is available to all academic customers, regardless of participation in the ALA or SLA programs. You may choose to enroll in the ALA or SLA, subscribing to a specific set of products each year, and also choose to purchase perpetual licenses through the VLA Program. You can learn more about the VLA for Education in the VLA Program Guide.

Purchasing Direct (DEO)

Direct Education Orders (DEO) are an option available to customers in North America who cannot take advantage of the higher discount levels of the buying programs above. New licenses and upgrades may be purchased at a discounted price by calling us directly at 800-716-1800. Payment for DEO purchases may be made either by credit card or by faxing a school purchase order to us. For information on the products we offer, visit the Products area of our website.

Promotions (E-Rate/K-12 Promo)

In addition to the options outlined above, several promotions are also available to customers located in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

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