Bexley Business Support Unit - A Customer Success Story


We are helping to implement telehealth to improve care and make scarce resources go further. The outer London borough of Bexley has a larger-than-average elderly population, and faces increasing clinical and financial challenges in managing patients with long-term conditions. 25,500 (over 11%) of local people come into this category, and the figure is increasing, placing pressure on hospitals. Bexley's Business Support Unit (BSU) aims to deliver more of these patients' care in community settings. In partnership with telehealth technology specialist Tunstall, PA has helped to implement telehealth for 50 patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Patients are equipped to monitor their vital signs at home with remote support from clinicians. PA is now helping Bexley develop plans for deployment to more COPD patients and those with other long-term conditions. There will be a full evaluation of benefits, a service model and robust criteria for patient selection. Benefits being identified include reduced emergency admissions, earlier discharge from hospital and more effective use of scarce clinical time. Patients are becoming more independent, confident and proactive in monitoring and managing their own conditions.