Press Release

Novell Announces PerfectWorks 2.1 For Windows

New Version Makes PerfectWorks More Integrated, Powerful and Easier to Use

OREM, Utah -- April 3, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. today announced the development of PerfectWorks 2.1 for Windows. The new version, formerly known as WordPerfect Works, includes more than 30 new features and enhancements found throughout the program, making PerfectWorks the most integrated, powerful and easy-to-use Works program available today.

PerfectWorks integrates Novell's PerfectSense technology with QuickCorrect and Grammatik to help users improve their writing and save time. QuickCorrect is the same writing technology found in Novell's PerfectOffice that automatically corrects misspellings. The popular Grammatik grammar and style checker uses PerfectSense technology to help users improve their writing and usage; Grammatik even suggests replacement words, phrases and sentences and then rewrites them if desired, saving users valuable time.

"PerfectWorks really brings users a balance of functionality with features such as grammar checking, Caller ID and personal finance," said Sam Yee, product marketing director, Novell's consumer products division. "This functionality combined with the robust features in all of PerfectWorks' modules will satisfy the needs of our customers."

Added features to PerfectWorks include an enhanced interface for easier access to product features, timed backup to protect user's valuable information, caller identification (Caller ID) to identify incoming calls, and a dedicated communications module for data communications.

PerfectWorks has also added features that help users create their documents easier and faster. Users can now drag-and-drop any information between all of the modules and also insert multiple files into one document. Documents can be saved as templates with long document descriptions and organized into categories for easy access. If users frequently access a certain template, they may define a template to be loaded into a specific module each time it is opened.

Other time-saving features include WYSBYGI (What You See Before You Get It), which lets users preview changes they have made to their data in a dialog box before changes are implemented. Users can also view their undo/redo history from the last 10 keyboard and mouse steps. PerfectWorks comes with a new envelope feature which allows users to quickly input and print addresses.

As with all integrated software packages, upward mobility is always important if users wish to move from their works package to larger stand alone applications. PerfectWorks is one of the only integrated applications that allows users to import and export their files to nearly every business application found in most of the popular software suites including WordPerfect, Word, AmiPro, Quattro Pro, Excel,Lotus 1-2-3, and a variety of graphics formats. PerfectWorks can also import and export databases.

For users who wish to take advantage of Windows95 when it ships, PerfectWorks will have the functionality to run and interface with the new Windows operating system.

Another important issue for users considering a works package is the level of integration between modules. PerfectWorks provides the highest level of integration between modules of any integrated software package on the market. Integration within PerfectWorks is so transparent, users need not focus on which module they are in, but rather focus on what they need to get done. Any of the modules in PerfectWorks are available in any part of a document. Users simply select which module they want to use, create a frame and go to work; no cutting, copying, pasting or publishing and subscribing is needed.

Purchasers of PerfectWorks 2.1 for Windows will also receive an integrated version of the Quicken Special Edition for Windows, the leading personal finance software package. Users will now be able to take control of all their finances right from the file pull-down menu in PerfectWorks.

Version 2.0 recently won the PC Plus Gold award in the U.K. and received a full 10 out of 10 points for the overall rating of the product. ComputerLife recently gave WordPerfect Works 2.0 a five out of five star rating in their April issue.

PerfectWorks 2.1 for Windows will be widely available on June 1 from software retailers, superstores, warehouse clubs and direct from Novell, Inc. at 1-800-451-5151. The suggested retail price is $109 (US) and users of version 2.0 may upgrade directly for $34.95 (US). System requirements include a 386 processor, VGA monitor, Windows 3.1, 4MB of RAM and 13.5MB of hard disk space.

WordPerfect Main Street software continues to make home computers more practical and computing more pervasive with a wide range of titles in the areas of personal productivity, family entertainment and home education.