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Novell Forms New Systems Group To Develop Next Generation Network System Software

Focus on NetWare and UNIX as the Future of Network Computing

Orem, UT, -- June 15, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. today announced it has formed a new Systems Group as the company accelerates development of the industry's leading network computing platform. The new product group combines the previously separate NetWare Systems Group (NSG) and UNIX Systems Group (USG), and accounts for approximately 55 percent of Novell revenue.

The Novell Systems Group will focus on development of a single network system that combines the best capabilities of both NetWare and UNIX systems. This network platform will eliminate the boundaries between today's local and wide-area networks, connecting people with each other and the information they need anytime, anyplace. It will support a new generation of distributed applications that allow people to use networks to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Users will gain access to a single global network that is easy to manage and use.

Today's application servers are an interim step in the transition to pervasive computer networks and network applications. Client/server computing has meant one server and numerous clients. The next generation Novell network software products will define a single network system built across multiple servers that are managed and operated as one integrated solution. The evolving Novell software will enable networks of inexpensive servers to operate as a single system that aggregates their power and fault tolerance to levels found only on specialized minicomputers and mainframes.

Customers using NetWare 4 and UnixWare 2 are on a direct path to Novell's future system offerings. UnixWare 2 is the most advanced implementation of the UNIX System, the preferred platform for application servers that make applications available over networks. NetWare is the undisputed leader for distributed network services that tie together servers, personal computers, large computer systems and networks.

Novell system products will continue to be open, modular and scalable, while providing full backward compatibility to NetWare and UnixWare systems. The Group will continue to develop and support today's NetWare and UnixWare product lines. The Systems Group's distributed services will provide expanded support for leading operating systems on the network.

"We've merged the world's leading network services and operating system development teams into one organization aligned with Novell's network computing strategy," said Robert J. Frankenberg, chairman and CEO of Novell. "Our goal is to evolve NetWare network operating systems and UNIX systems into the software foundation for network applications and distributed computing resources across a network of networks. This will be the network computing platform our industry partners and customers worldwide rely on well into the next century."

Novell Forms Systems Group

Sheldon Laube, Novell's chief technology officer, said, "As our products evolve they will provide smooth and seamless evolution from our customers' present platforms. We are committed to NetWare and UNIX. However, we are also committed to building the next generation distributed network systems. The advanced network services of NetWare and the robust application services of UNIX systems will support new network applications that take advantage of the power of networks."

New Systems Group Organization

The Systems Group has four divisions: Operating Systems Division, Distributed Services Division, Extended Networks Division and Tools Division. Richard King, formerly of NSG, is executive vice president, and general manager of the new group. The four divisions report to King.

The Operating Systems Division provides development and marketing of core operating system products and support for major desktop operating systems as network clients. Senior vice president of development for the Operating System Division is Mike DeFazio, formerly of USG. Since 1984 DeFazio has been responsible for the development of the UNIX system, first at AT&T Bell Labs, then at UNIX System Laboratories and Novell. Toby Corey, formerly vice president of marketing for the NetWare Products Group, will head a newly integrated product marketing team as vice president marketing for the Operating Systems Division.

The Distributed Services Division is responsible for developing and marketing network services products such as the market-leading TUXEDO transaction processing system. TUXEDO System 5 is already the leading open environment for client-server application integration in multi-vendor transaction processing networks. This effort includes NetWare Directory Services (NDS), the rapidly emerging de facto standard for distributed network directories. The division is led by vice president and general manager Joe Menard.

The Extended Networks Division is responsible for Novell Embedded Systems Technology (NEST) that enables products such as printers, copiers, FAXes, cellular telephones, pagers, set-top cable television boxes and utility meters to be connected to NetWare networks. The division is led by vice president and general manager Darl McBride.

The Tools Division, formerly named the AppWare Division, continues its charter to provide development tools for NetWare network services and UnixWare network application servers. These products are designed to help developers quickly and easily create custom network solutions. This division is led by vice president and general manager Joe Firmage.

In addition to the new Systems Group, the company has two other product groups. The Information Access and Management Group provides information access and management products and services, including the new AT&T NetWare Connect Services public data network. The Applications Group develops and markets Novell's core network applications, including the widely acclaimed PerfectOffice personal productivity suite, the GroupWise network messaging system, and other products in Novell's fast-growing Groupware product line.

Novell Forms Systems Group

Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL) is the world's leading network software provider. The company's software products provide the distributed infrastructure, network services, advanced network access and network applications required to make networked information and computing an integral part of everyone's daily life.

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