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Novell Celebrates a Decade (1986-1996) as the Pioneer and Leader in Innovative Certification Testing

In Delivering the IT Industry's Most Recognized and Valued Technical Certifications, Novell Stands Alone in Providing 'Direct Performance Measurement Testing,' Administering More Than One Million Tests Globally

BRAINSHARE '96, Salt Lake City, Utah -- March 20, 1996 -- Leading the information technology (IT) industry in test development through innovations such as "direct performance measurement" exams and the incorporation of simulation in testing, Novell is celebrating 10 years as the pioneer in certification testing. As such, Novell has been testing longer and has administered more -- and more sophisticated -- tests than any other vendor in the IT industry.

Novell pioneered IT certification in 1986 with the Certified Novell Instructor (CNI) program. Today, 10 years later, there are more than 4,000 CNIs around the world, and CNI is the global standard for network training. Novell introduced the CNE in 1990, the Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) in 1992, and the Master CNE in 1995. Today, there are more than 82,000 CNEs, and CNE is the global standard for servicing and supporting smart global networks. Within three-and-a-half years of its introduction, CNA has become the standard for administering networks and boasts more than 93,000 "certificants." Master CNEs number 6,500 and have become the standard for developing solutions for smart global networks.

The number of Novell certification tests taken is increasing annually, with Novell having delivered its one millionth global test in 1995. Novell projects that a CNE, Master CNE, CNA or CNI candidate will complete the one millionth North American test by May 1996. The ever-increasing demand for Novell certification has resulted in the establishment of 1,450 Novell Authorized Education Centers and 150 Novell Education Academic Partners around the globe. A worldwide network of more than 1,000 Sylvan Prometric testing centers administer Novell tests.

Following Novell's lead in IT certification are Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft and a variety of other vendors.

Ahead of the Game With 'Direct Performance Measurement'

"Novell Education ensures that Novell-certified individuals themselves and the organizations they represent are two years ahead and gaining," said Jerry S. Christensen, Vice President of Marketing for Novell Education. "We accomplish this by making sure that our certification tests themselves are two years ahead and gaining." Christensen noted that Novell remains the only IT vendor to implement advances such as simulations, adaptive testing and actual software products in its certification testing.

A simulation of the NetWare Administrator utility, developed specifically for Novell certification tests, increases the real-world validity of the tests. Tests are based on comprehensive job task analyses, authenticating real-world skills, as well as candidate knowledge, to assure that those certified have the ability to use that knowledge in the workplace. Tests are continually reviewed by technical experts in the field, and validity studies are performed to ensure that the tests are of high quality.

Certified Endorsements

The value of Novell technical certifications is recognized within the IT industry, with Dataquest, International Data Corporation, and Novell data showing that businesses use Novell's certifications as a criterion for hiring, "raising," and promoting employees.

"I wanted to obtain the best certification available in the networking field and that was Novell's CNE certification," said James Taylor, network engineer for USConnect, Cincinnati, a Novell Platinum dealer and international network integration firm.

"We hired a CNE because he had the credentials and we needed the expertise of a Novell-certified individual," said Bob Dallman, coordinator of instructional technology for Collier County Public Schools in Naples, Florida. Third parties installing the schools' networks advised Dallman that CNE certification was the industry standard for network professionals. "If we wanted a Novell pro, we needed to hire a CNE," Dallman said.

Program History

Novell Education has been testing industry and network professionals since 1986. Certification programs began with 47 Certified Novell Instructors (CNIs) being tested and certified to teach the NetWare curriculum. Since then, customer demand for the programs has exceeded both the company's and the industry's high expectations in terms of the certifications driving "Novell literacy" and the global acceptance of Novell products, while also becoming standard requirements for networking support positions.

"Novell tests are designed, developed and delivered using the best and most advanced measurement methods and techniques in the industry," said Novell's Christensen. "The certification tests are making advancements and setting standards that everyone else follows."

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