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Novell Introduces IntranetWare

Networking Leader Evolves NetWare Network Operating System into Full-Service Platform for Intranets and Internet Access

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- August 20, 1996 -- Novell, Inc. today announced IntranetWare™, a new product that continues the evolution of NetWare®, the world's leading network operating system (NOS), into a full-service intranet and Internet access platform for businesses of all sizes. IntranetWare builds on the distributed services found in NetWare 4.11 (code-named Green River) and integrates new intranet and Internet technologies, including a high-performance Web server and browser; a gateway between industry-standard TCP/IP and IPX™/SPX networking protocols; and a multiprotocol router for wide-area network and Internet connections. IntranetWare will ship in the fall of 1996 in the same time frame as the separately available NetWare 4.11.

IntranetWare, along with network applications such as Novell's GroupWise™ E-mail and collaboration solution and ManageWise™ network management software, provides businesses with the most scalable, secure and reliable full-service intranet solution. IntranetWare will enable NetWare customers to preserve their existing network investment while evolving their business networks to embrace Internet technology and the benefits of intranets.

IntranetWare enables customers to choose how and when they transition their corporate networks to intranets, by allowing them to selectively install those networking components that meet their immediate requirements. IntranetWare is fully compatible with NetWare 4 servers, applications and hardware, enabling users to upgrade their existing networks to networks that embrace Internet technology. Novell will focus on the IntranetWare platform and distributed network services in the future, but continue to sell and provide full support for NetWare 4 and NetWare 3.

"With IntranetWare, Novell opens our product line and 55 million customers to the future of networking," said Robert J. Frankenberg, Novell chairman and CEO. "It was only a decade ago that Novell revolutionized networking with NetWare. Now we have again reached one of those watershed points in the development of our industry as customers evolve their networks into intranets based on distributed network services and open standards. Once again, Novell is driving the evolution of networking to give our customers' businesses an enduring competitive edge."

"Novell defines a full-service intranet as a corporate network that supports Internet technologies and open standards, while also providing the distributed network services required for mission-critical business," said Steve Markman, executive vice president and general manager for the Novell Products Group. "With IntranetWare, we're giving organizations an intranet platform upon which they can add ManageWise and GroupWise to create full-service intranets that include directory, Web, security, file, print, management and messaging. We believe this evolution of our core technologies will help protect our customers' investments by smoothly migrating them to intranets, and provide new customers with the best price/performance intranet solution."

"IntranetWare will help NetWare users extend their existing network infrastructure to the Internet and corporate intranets as they transition from IPX-only network environments," added Lee Doyle, vice president of local area networks and data communications at International Data Corporation, a leading market analysis organization. "As more NetWare customers take advantage of new Internet and intranet resources, they can add capabilities without having to sacrifice their existing investment in network access and management."

High-performance Web Server and Browser

IntranetWare enables businesses to access and publish information on intranets and the Internet with a high-performance Web server, browser and Web-site authoring tools. These include:

  • Novell's NetWare Web Server™ 2.5, the fastest and most powerful Web server in its class, and the only Web server integrated with Novell Directory Services™ (NDS™) for fast and easy management of intranet-based information and resources;
  • Netscape Navigator, the world's most popular browser for accessing the World Wide Web and HTML-based applications and services, with Web-site authoring tools included.

Simplified Administration of Internet Access

IntranetWare's integrated IP/IPX gateway greatly simplifies the process of deploying an intranet Web server by freeing customers of the need to retrofit their business networks with IP addresses. To access the intranet or Internet, users simply launch the Netscape Navigator browser (or other WinSock 1.1-compliant application) from any desktop workstation and pass network traffic to the server for IPX-to-IP translation. Traditionally, network administrators had to install and maintain a separate IP stack on each desktop to provide NetWare clients with access to IP-based intranet or Internet services. Because IP is only deployed on the IntranetWare server, administrators save time and money by tracking and maintaining only one IP address per group of users. When organizations are ready to move to IP, IntranetWare supports TCP/IP with dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) and BootP to ease IP address management.

Secure Access to Internet/Intranet Resources

IntranetWare is a uniquely secure platform that acts as a natural level-one security firewall because only the server has an IP address, rendering IPX-based servers and workstations invisible to potential intruders from the Internet. With IntranetWare, network administrators can leverage both packet-level and user-level control to provide secure Internet access and manage the flow of information. IntranetWare also features the first Internet access solution that supports user- and group-level security tied to NDS, enabling administrators to manage, limit or block connections to specific Internet services and sites. Future enhancements to IntranetWare will feature full firewall and proxy cache capabilities.

Create Wide-Area Intranets

IntranetWare incorporates wide-area networking capabilities to support a high-speed wide-area network connection to an Internet service provider or a corporate intranet without requiring an external router, enabling companies to minimize their network implementation and management expenses. Its software routing technology provides wide-area networking services over ISDN lines, leased lines, frame relay and even ATM links, enabling organizations to easily upgrade to high-bandwidth technologies and maximize investment in their existing hardware and infrastructure. IntranetWare also provides businesses with server access to AT&T Worldnet Intranet Connect Services and other telecommunications carriers worldwide providing secure, managed wide-area intranet services based on Novell Connect Services (NCS) technology.

Build and Run Applications on IntranetWare

IntranetWare provides a proven, reliable foundation for running network applications and applications that leverage NDS, including the upcoming GroupWise 5, Novell's messaging and collaboration application; ManageWise 2.1, the end-to-end PC LAN and intranet management solution; and numerous third-party database and management applications. All applications developed to work with NetWare 4 or NDS will automatically run on IntranetWare upon its release this fall. IntranetWare also features the NetBasic scripting engine, a Visual Basic-compatible scripting interpreter that enables developers and administrators familiar with Visual Basic to easily build, manage and deploy advanced intranet applications (including dynamic HTML pages and sites) on IntranetWare.

To build and deploy intranet solutions based on IntranetWare, developers will also be able to leverage all of the common World Wide Web services, including Java applets, JavaScript, the Remote Common Gateway Interface (R-CGI), the Local Common Gateway Interface (L-CGI), access controls and logging, and PERL script interpreters. Development partners will also be able to use an upcoming version of the Java Virtual Machine, an execution environment that will enable organizations to run Java applications on IntranetWare.

Enhancements to Core Novell Services

IntranetWare is built on Novell's core file, print, and directory services and preserves all enhancements to the operating system, services and utilities originally planned for NetWare 4.11. These include:

  • Built-in support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) for increased scalability and power to run enterprise-wide intranet applications;
  • NetBasic, a Basic scripting tool for access to network services and fast development of intranet applications utilizing NDS;
  • New graphical network administration tools, including NetWare Administrator™ (NWAdmin™) to better manage companies' network and NDS environments;
  • C2-level security to protect sensitive data during transmission across networks;
  • Improved network migration and installation utilities; and
  • NLS, a licensing service that allows organizations to track and monitor the use of licensed software across networks.

Pricing and Availability

Novell will release IntranetWare in the fall of this year. Pricing is not yet available. For additional information on IntranetWare, customers can call 1-800-NETWARE or visit Novell's World Wide Web site at

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