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Introducing Novell BorderManager 3.9

The same robust access control and secure remote access you've come to expect plus the new features you've been waiting for.

  • Unified Administration
  • Linux VPN Client
  • 128 URL-based blocking categories
  • Web-based proxy monitoring

Features & Benefits

What's new in BorderManager 3.9
Stellar perimeter security and a clear path to the future. Novell BorderManager® has been keeping systems secure and employees productive for nearly a decade. And the newly-released Novell BorderManager 3.9 continues this tradition. Like earlier versions, it offers robust Internet access controls, content filtering capabilities, secure VPN services and firewall services supported on the NetWare platform. More +
Robust access control
Ready for a gatekeeper with attitude? Novell BorderManager protects your network from undesirable Internet content, including programs that destroy or steal data, games that waste users' time and Web pages that expose your company to legal liability. More +
Secure remote access
Stay connected—and secure—from wherever you're working. Novell BorderManager gives your remote and mobile employees secure VPN access to the systems they need. And because BorderManager supports more than 50 advanced authentication methods—including tokens, smart cards, x.509 certificates, biometrics and more—you can be confident that only authorized personnel are accessing critical data. More +
Unified management and monitoring
No more management migraines. The new unified administration and monitoring framework in Novell BorderManager 3.9 is completely Web-based. From a single console, you can configure proxy services, distribute configurations to your devices, update and monitor your VPN client and perform many other essential management tasks. More +

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