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Access Files in a Merged View Securely and Transparently

Dynamic File Services allows you to manage storage without impacting users

In a merged file view, users can still see their files at once; however, more frequently accessed or critical files remain on the primary path while less frequently used data can reside on the secondary path.

All access to the secondary path is made via Dynamic File Services as if the data were located on the primary path. Dynamic File Services does not need to relocate the data to give the user access to data on the secondary path. Users can transparently access files on both paths of a standard pair via a network share on the primary path.

Administrators can access the merged view of the data to configure user access to files and directories on both locations in a standard pair.

The native access control for the underlying file systems controls user access to the data.

Tiering: Storage Candidates (Pairs)

Merged View Pairs for Tiering

  • Primary Storage
    • Windows Server Network Shares
    • Direct Attached, SAN
    • iSCSI Targets
  • Secondary Storage Target
    • CIFS Shares Hosted on NetApp, Celerra NAS
    • Windows Server Network Shares
    • Direct Attached, SAN
    • iSCSI Targets
  • Integrate Network Attached Storage with Ease Dynamic File Services supports using remote paths in a pair, such as published shares on network attached storage (NAS). Read more
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  • File Content Policies Move data to and from the cloud based on content of files rather than solely on file name, extension, or metadata. Read more

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