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Select Archive Retention Reviewers

Make selections based on Active Directory Identity

Based on staff roles, responsibilities and corporate file policies, you can select retention reviewers from their Active Directory Identity. Dynamic File Services gives you the added freedom and flexibility to grant reviewer's rights on all retention pairs, or only on specified pairs. Reviewers can then determine the disposition of retained files in accordance with your company's data retention policy.

Reviewer actions are guided by external constraints as defined in your company's data retention policy while all actions taken during a review session are audited. Users, who are assigned as reviewers for the retention pair can use the Retention Review Service to determine whether to keep, permanently delete, or restore the data stored in the retention repository.

Schedules, Retention Reviews, Notification, and more
Schedule when to relocate files

  • Set up recurring archive data retention review schedules
  • Enable email, and Twitter notifications for policy, and data relocation events
  • Keep a full audit trail
  • Maintain data ownership for terminated employees
  • Use intuitive web interface to manage Retention, Review, and Discard operations
  • Preview Policies Before Running Dynamic File Services allows admins to preview new policies and verify their functionality before putting them into production. Read more
  • Offload Retention Data to Less Expensive Storage A retention pair allows you to tier data between an active storage location and a retention repository. Read more
  • Access Files in a Merged View Securely and Transparently Dynamic File Services allows you to manage storage without impacting users. Read more
  • Review Retention Data to Keep, Purge, or Restore Files Dynamic File Services helps your company adapt to changing business needs and compliance demands. With Dynamic File Services you can easily review retention data and determine what needs to stay, what you should get rid of, or even restore. Read more

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