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Achieve Greater Storage Efficiency by Tiering Data

Make better use of your high-performance storage system while ensuring everyone stays productive

Help your company save money by intelligently tiering data between two storage locations. With Dynamic File Services, you can define policies to store mission-critical data on the primary path and move less important data to a secondary path.

For example, if users store personal music files on the system, you can define policies that transparently move files based on their file extension or file type to the secondary location, where the cost to store the data is less. The file content can be scanned to ensure that file types are moved regardless of how a file is named.Dynamic File Services uses policies to store frequently accessed data on the primary path, and move infrequently used data to the secondary path (based on the date the file was last modified or accessed.)

Allocate files between the primary and secondary paths based on their file size. This allows you to distribute files between two disks to make the most of the storage capacity that you have. Large files that rarely or never change can be available to users without consuming expensive storage.

  • Cloud Storage Archiving Archive data to Amazon S3, Box, CloudMe, or Dropbox, using our intelligent policy engine to identify unstructured data (files & folders) hosted on Microsoft network shares, including a variety of 3rd party Storage platforms from leading hardware vendors, including Dell, EMC, HP, and NetApp. Read more
  • Web-based Archive Retention Reviews Web-based reviews for archived data hosted in the cloud. Gives ability to discard, or continue to archive based on compliance needs. All actions are tracked and can be audited. Read more
  • Schedule and Deliver Notifications Schedule, and deliver notifications to perform retention reviews via Twitter or email for archived data hosted in the cloud. Read more

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