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GroupWise 2012 SP1 Now Available

GroupWise 2012 delivers an array of new capabilities and features that enhance the way you work and collaborate.

Web templates for iOS, Android and PlayBook tablets

More and more of your people are mobile, and they need access to their critical data from their favorite devices. GroupWise already synchronizes data with Apple iPad through Data Synchronizer. But GroupWise 2012 provides an additional option with custom Web templates that let your iPad users directly access their GroupWise post offices to check and create new messages, appointments, tasks and more. And GroupWise 2012 SP1 extends this same web template support to Android and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets!

Web access enhancements

Your mobile and remote users can be more productive than ever with a refreshed and more intuitive web access interface in GroupWise 2012. Web access now features recurring appointment creation, graphical busy-search, column sorting, consistent cross-client signatures, personal contact photos, group management capabilities and a new streamlined architecture that will facilitate more frequent enhancements in the future. Perhaps most importantly, the more your users take advantage of web access, the more your need for tedious and costly client administration decreases.

Calendaring enhancements

GroupWise 2012 reduces scheduling headaches and calendar clutter with enhancements that make it easier to schedule meetings, cut administrative busy work, and boost productivity. It introduces intuitive graphical busy searches, multi-user calendars with proxy account overlays, simplified recurring appointment creation, minimized redistribution of modified appointments, and other efficiency-enhancing capabilities.

Vibe and Skype integrations

Collaboration today is all about bringing the right functionality—even from different applications—into a single, coherent place. To improve interaction and make it even easier for users to stay connected, GroupWise 2012 adds Skype presence, SMS and click-to-call integrations. It also features new links with Vibe that bring social collaboration and team collaboration capabilities right to the GroupWise interface.

Information sharing

GroupWise 2012 makes it easier to find, interact with, and share information with others. As you type, its new relevance sorting engine presents the most-used contacts, folders and categories first. When you receive an attachment you need to modify, you can include it in your reply without saving it and browsing to reattach it first. It enables you to find information more easily by indexing all recipients of messages you've sent or received—even members of a distribution list. And you can quickly and easily share a complete folder tree (with all its nested folders) with other users.

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