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Harder to hack than Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the world's leading target for hackers, and not just because of its widespread use. Hooks in the code enable easy third-party integration, yes—but also provide entryways into your system. Reactive patching and other Microsoft security measures simply can't keep up with the speed and innovation that hackers demonstrate when attacking a system.

The CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) is a Department of Defense-sponsored, federally funded research and development center. found Microsoft Exchange to be far more vulnerable to viruses and worms than other collaboration solutions. Malware enters Exchange easily through ActiveX and Visual Basic acceptances in Outlook, leaving the door wide open to costly and disruptive virus attacks and potential data compromises.

According to Vulnerability Notes Database, as of September 2008, GroupWise had only 12 vulnerabilities documented.  Microsoft Exchange had 89 vulnerabilities and IBM Notes had 81 vulnerabilities documented.  This continues to demonstrate the fact that GroupWise is the industry leader when it comes to securing your email and calendaring solution.

The US-CERT Vulnerability Notes Database

Here's what GroupWise administrators have to say about its security:

"During the past 17 years, I've administrated GroupWise systems that have included as few as 10 users to groups that included more than 10,000. Throughout the years, my favorite feature of GroupWise has always been its total impenetrability to viruses and Trojans. I've worked with many folks who run other mail systems, and they are always chasing outbreaks. With GroupWise, that just does not happen." – Alan Russell, Leon County Board of County Commissioners, United States

"I have been working with GroupWise for about five years, and I currently support approximately 130 users at this time. My favorite GroupWise feature is its resistance to virus attacks. It's also much less demanding, in terms of administration, than Exchange. You start it up, and it runs forever with no upkeep. It is the most trouble-free email system I have used." – Troy Chappell, Hospice and Palliative CareCenter, United States

"We have been using GroupWise since 1996, and have nothing but good things to say about it. One of the best things about GroupWise is that it you turn it on and it works! No patches, no reboots." – Melville Pereira, Pollard Windows, Inc., Canada

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