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As the information age rolls forward, even the most productive users struggle to keep up. With business-critical data housed in so many systems and places, the simplest task requires switching between a multitude of applications. We think there’s a better solution than Alt-Tab to this digital-age challenge. GroupWise gives you a Home View—a personal productivity dashboard that consolidates the tools and web applications you interact with most for any given aspect of your work. From emails to your boss and daily appointments to RSS feeds and team workspaces, you can grab what matters most and put it front and center.

New to GroupWise 2012, Skype presence, SMS and click-to-call integrations let you connect with the outside world right from GroupWise. And if you use Micro Focus® Vibe, GroupWise 2012 includes new integrations—like the ability to easily identify Vibe messages in your GroupWise inbox, view live Vibe content in GroupWise windows and search for content across both products. These integrations are one more way we’re bringing social collaboration and team productivity capabilities to your familiar GroupWise environment.

You can also use a host of features to manage commitments and find the information you need. Drag and drop emails into your Tasklist folder so you can prioritize action items and track project status. Sort and view emails within a discussion thread and then easily see the entire thread history to fill in appropriate context. Search for message recipients within a distribution list or share a complete folder tree in a single click. And sit back as the new “relevance” sorting engine in GroupWise 2012 bring your most-frequently used contacts, folders and categories to the top of the list when searching or using name completion.


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