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Making it easy for users to print to any printer from anywhere.

Novell iPrint does away with complex printing environments. It lets mobile employees, business partners, and customers access printers from a variety of remote locations using existing Internet connections, securely across multiple networks and operating systems. Whether users are working in an office building, telecommuting from home, or attending a sales meeting in another country, iPrint ensures that they can print documents quickly, easily, and reliably.

Leveraging the industry-standard Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), Novell iPrint provides instant global access to all your printing resources via a web browser. In a few mouse clicks you search your printer, download drivers, and create your printer on the workstation, enabling you to send documents to the printer from any application on the desktop. You can also lower communication costs by reducing the need to fax documents between offices. Instead, you can use your existing Internet connections to print documents to remote printers.

In addition to enjoying a broad array of support from printer manufacturers, Novell iPrint supports the Universal Printer Driver (UPD) model, which many printer vendors have moved toward in order to further simplify printer management. Novell iPrint provides a standard print protocol for Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms. It includes SSL and TLS print data encryption. It features enhanced web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM) functionality. It offers browser based health monitoring of your complete print infrastructure. Novell iPrint also features load balancing via printer pools, automatic driver and profile updates, print job redirection, and direct printing to the IP address of a printer.

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