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Native Mac Client Access

Scalable, high performing native Mac access.

The Novell AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) support in Novell Open Enterprise Server provides native, highly scalable out-of-the-box network access for Mac users. You can use Chooser or the Go menu to access network files and even create aliases.

Novell AFP also provides integration with Novell eDirectory™ so you can simplify network administration through consolidation of user management. All users who need access to the network are represented in eDirectory through User objects, which enables you to easily and effectively assign trustee rights, control access, and manage all user objects from a single location on the network.

Additionally, Novell AFP supports cross-protocol file locking support between AFP, CIFS, and NCP. It allows AFP server discovery using the Bonjour protocol. And it includes support for Unicode file names and universal passwords longer than 8 characters.

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